1100T Haitian Injection Mould Press – One Year On

Wow! as I sit here writing this article a year to the day that we took delivery of our colossal 1100T Haitian Injection Mould Press – it was so large that during its installation I could easily sit in its jaws. How quickly has that 12 months passed, and more importantly what have we done with it and what have we all achieved?

In business we look back over those 12 months and we look for success stories, such as new customers that have provided us with some growth or maybe we’ve added new people to strengthen our team to improve our customer experience. We all have different goals, but the end result is increased profitability for our shareholders. Achieve this as we have done at Patterson & Rothwell and we can invest in new plant and equipment, software, hardware and people. So, a successful 2017 led P&R to the purchase of the Haitian installed in January 2018 and 12 months later I thought I’d look back and provide some feedback on how the imposing machine has performed.

1100T Haitian Injection Mould Press

Building up to that though I just want to explain how this came to be. As 2017 hit the half way mark, we had some early successes with new customers in new markets. Word of mouth, social media a friend of a friend or someone we knew from years ago who resurfaced and made contact. Leads have many different guises! One thing was becoming apparent however and that was the demand for increased capacity for a larger machine. We have friends in the injection moulding fraternity that run a fleet of Borche mould presses and this made us think a little outside the box. Our requirement was for just 2 to 3 products that run-in volume so tool changes and set up times are limited. Material was polypropylene, so the standard screw and barrel was suitable for our application. The savings over European brands was significant, in the region of £140k at the exchange rates at the time for either a Borche or the Haitian. Not a small sum. We felt that because the Korean manufacture was the largest producer of Injection Mould Machines in the world and with a reputable back up operation here in the UK that they were our preferred choice. Once we had completed several factory visits and reviewed all our options the Haitian came out on top.

1100T Haitian Injection Mould Press

From installation our 1100T has over the last 12 months ran 24 hours a day and 5 days each week non-stop. It had 1 or 2 small electrical issues covered by the 3 year warranty but the team at PMM (UK sales and service partner for Haitian) are rapid in the deployment of their service team. We have no issues here at all. Efficiency and productivity have been excellent also. If we were to be picky the control screen user interface is a little slow compared to the leading brands but as we perform few tool changes it’s not really an issue for us.

In summary it has been great value for money, performed very satisfactory for our needs and we would certainly consider another should the opening occur.

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