Plastic Injection Moulding

Do you do short runs?

We have grown to the size now that we take on projects with a minimum £50,000 per annum spend, but that’s not to say we won’t look into or consider smaller projects. Please get in touch – we love fresh ideas and challenges.

Do you offer guarantees?

Yes, we offer an up to 10 year warranty on tooling made here at P&R, that it is housed and moulded here.

Do you use polymer prediction software?

Yes we use Mouldflow. More information on our design process can be found here.

What size tools can you manufacture?

We can produce a tool up to 4 tons in weight.

Do you have your own delivery vehicles?

Yes we have two 7.5t lorries, one Sprinter van and a VW van, plus we use a 1-3 day carrier service.

What materials do you use?

We use PP, PS Nylon, PBT, PVC, LCP, ABS, ASA, Grivory, GPPS, PET and many more. A more complete list can be found here [link to materials page].

Do you take in and mould existing mould tools?

Yes we do, but first we advise that existing mould tools are serviced and a tool inspection report presented to the customer prior to running.

What is your current capacity?

A recent investment of over 15 new mould presses has ensured we have plenty of capacity across the fleet. Contact Dave Bowden, Head of Business Development should you have any questions or concerns regarding capacity.

Do you make your own tools?

Yes, we manufacture around 40 per annum here in Oldham. We also offer a Far Eastern supply for a fully flexible service to our customers. When outsourcing to overseas suppli-ers, all companies are vetted by ourselves and tools are specified by us too.

What machine sizes do you operate?

Our injection mould fleet ranges from 35t to 900t and will produce parts from just a few grams to 2.5kg.

What information do you require for a quotation?

Ideally we would like a 3D part file in either a .sat or .iges or .stl format. We also need to know the material required and the anticipated volume so we know the number of impres-sions required to meet that volume or target price.

What is your current lead time?

This depends on the size of the project but typically a single tool weighing up to a ton will take approximately 8 weeks.