Injection Moulding Design

Market Sectors

As an Injection Moulding company we have the good fortune to provide toolmaking and Injection Moulding services to many different markets and industries, essentially any company that requires plastic parts. The markets that we operate in are many which broaden our experience in terms of material usage. During our last count we supplied customers from 25 different industries. The benefits this has to new potential customers is the knowledge gathered from processing many varied materials, in other words its less of a challenge and more run of the mill so to speak. Beware the moulder that says "Oh we have not run ?????? before" It's a phrase rarely muttered here within the walls of P&R. Not surprising considering we started Injection Moulding plastics from 1982.

We produce exotic materials for the Defence Industry to parts for White Goods and Roofing Components. Also in our repertoire are Electrical and Automotive customers to Construction/Window Industry blue chip companies. We provide parts to the Security Markets such as beacons, alarm covers and klaxon sounders. Packaging, Hygiene and Food / Beverage Pots also compliment our client list. We have our own range of Garden Pots in conjunction to a comprehensive range of window fittings and glazing accessories.