BRC Awarded at First Attempt.

We were all mightily proud to achieve the BRC accreditation at our first attempt recently. It stands for British Retail Council and qualifies P&R to produce injection moulded parts and packaging for the food industry.

As you can imagine there is a high emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene and only food grade materials can be used.

The credit (or a fair percentage) for achieving this in a relative short time scale must go to P&R’s Quality Manager Paul Mckenna and his team. The icing on the cake (no pun intended) was that the 2 day audit was cancelled after day 1 as the auditor was completely satisfied with what she had seen.

What this means now is that with our partner we can make further inroads into this market with new innovative products and fresh ideas whilst providing the up most confidence to the food producers of our capabilities with BRC.