BASF to Close 80 Sites

BASF takes drastic action and shuts 80 plants (Update)

By David Eldridge, posted 19 November 2008

BASF is shutting 80 plants worldwide and reducing production at 100 more facilities in a huge effort to address the decline in demand for its polymer and chemical products. Continue reading

Latest News in the Plastics Industry

Sabic IP cuts output of engineering plastics

By Frank Esposito, posted 6 November 2008

Sabic Innovative Plastics is cutting production up to 20% at all of its engineering plastics production sites worldwide. Continue reading

Long Service Awards 2010

At the end of each and every year P&R staff gather for a de-brief from founder Alan Rothwell. It provides Alan with the ideal opportunity to inform all team members from senior management to shop floor personnel about how the company has performed over the last 12 months. This will include new customers and how we have progressed with them over the year and the performance of our existing customer base and the general condition of the markets they operate in. Continue reading