Long Service Awards 2010

At the end of each and every year P&R staff gather for a de-brief from founder Alan Rothwell. It provides Alan with the ideal opportunity to inform all team members from senior management to shop floor personnel about how the company has performed over the last 12 months. This will include new customers and how we have progressed with them over the year and the performance of our existing customer base and the general condition of the markets they operate in.

New product developments are covered and what they could mean to the company in the coming year. In addition to this briefing we also hold long service awards. There has never not been at least one 10 year or twenty year award for as long as can be remembered which is saying something. The 10 year award this year went to Neil Ashcroft who works within the heart of our business the Toolroom. It only seems like yesterday Neil that you joined us. Neil is an accomplished toolmaker working on many many projects over the years. But he has a long way to go to match the service that Ian Hinchcliffe has put in. 20 years in total. Ian is perhaps one of our most experienced plastic moulding technicians based at our Diggle operation in Saddleworth.