Patterson-Rothwell Warehouse expansion.

Patterson & Rothwell are delighted to announce their new additional storage unit at the P&R 6-acre injection mould facility in north Manchester.

Triggered by a significant increase in demand from their loyal customer base, the 13,000 sq. ft warehouse will contain over 1000 additional pallets – enabling additional storage for both the P&R own range, and bespoke lines for their customers.

Remarkably, the unit was erected in just 2 weeks by specialist storage company Smart Space . This is part of the company’s longer-term commitment to a ‘New Product Development Plan’ for Home Wares and Horticultural Products, in addition to the 40 plus additional markets that P&R currently operate in.

The new warehouse has an aluminium frame secured to the ground via substantial specialist groundworks. The unit will enable P&R to operate ‘ahead of the game’ and provide vital space for stocks of finished goods and raw materials. Demand for certain polymers has risen substantially across the world. This increased demand, coupled with a shortage of supply, is forcing increased lead-times and in some cases increased prices and delayed availability. In these uncertain times the company decided early to negate these risks, and to ensure continued customer support by fully committing to this additional storage capability.

P&R new warehouse

In addition, in recent months the company has purchased 2 additional large capacity injection mould presses – each capable of processing 31 tons of material each month.

Patterson & Rothwell are a Plastic Injection Moulding Company based in the North West of England, UK producing goods for many business sectors. Our ethos is to offer our customers a professional yet flexible approach and of course provide attention to detail at every stage. Please contact us if you wish to discuss any Plastic Injection Moulding Project.