Peep and Weep Wall Ventilation

Peep and Weep Wall Ventilation Parts

Two new products are launched as we approach the Easter Break and tie in with our new Air Brick that was previously featured in both our E Newsletters and here on our web site.

The Weep vents have an integral grill design to prevent rain ingress during high winds and a lip to ease positioning during use. its wide enough not to become blocked by day to day debris yet small enough to prevent access by large insects. Packed in boxes of 50 they are available in Buff, Terracotta, Black, Grey, Brown and White colours

The Peep vents provide cavity wall drainage solutions. Rain water can easily escape the cavity wall via a discreet aperture in the vent. Manufactured in an open layout yet closed via a robot (video to follow) during the production cycle the peeps are easy to install in the brick work. They are packed in boxes of 100 and available in the same colours as the weep. Please contact for samples and prices.