A Plastic Stepping Stone?

A new opportunity presented itself here at Patterson & Rothwell and we were quick to see the potential for manufacturing a new product for a number of existing customers.

Surely the easiest sale a company can make is that to one of its existing customers and yet how often do we see companies spend hard earn profits on new markets and new ventures with big risks? Injection Moulding Companies are no different and should be aware of the risks of entering new markets in the belief that a pot of gold lies at the other end. We all wish, right?!

plastic-stepping-stone-patterson-and-rothwellSo this leads our story onto some very clever reverse engineering involving a stone stepping stone. Patterson & Rothwell are a Plastic Moulding Company and as such we look at things in a ‘can that be made from plastic’ kind of way. It does not always work; for example, a fireguard would not set the world alight in plastic.
However, in this particular case with the help of Cimatron  we were able to replicate the stone finish onto a Plastic Injection Mould Tool with incredible results. So when you next walk on a stepping stone ask yourself ……. Is it?




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