P&R are in the Food Business & Install Clean Room

After much discussion trials and tribulations P&R are pleased to announce a new partnership with leading food packaging company XYZ Ltd (not their real name but as most of our visitors to this site are our eager competitors it would be foolish to tell them who they are not that we have anything to be feared about you understand).

This marks as a milestone in our company history as we have never produced anything for this market and its definitely one we wish to pursue. We intend to incorporate the BRC accreditation and utilise a clean room manufacturing environment (see the pictures below). The great thing about these products is that they are used just the once and recycled. A benefit also is the fastest way to acquire a sample of the latest pots is to nip down to the local supermarket pick up the desert you need, eat the contents and there is your sample.

We see this sector as a growth opportunity and our short term plan is to develop the range as quickly as possible (a 2nd product has already been launched see the images below)