P&R Fit PVA Panels

Injection moulders and specialist toolmakers P&R Ltd, enlisted the help of Greenteam to fit the 192 photo voltaic panels on Unit Two at P&R’s facility at the Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate in North Manchester.

The array represents a substantial investment says managing director Alan Rothwell, who has also installed solar panels at his home in Uppermill.

With two sites running 24-hour shifts, the facility uses huge amounts of power. The south-facing panels on unit two produce energy to run machines, technology and lighting.

Mr Rothwell said: “Our experience with Greenteam was professional from start to finish, from technical information to financial back up. They convinced us to move towards a 50kw system which is now installed and running on Unit Two.

“This system will give us a 20 per cent return on our capital investment and this kicked in as soon as the array was commissioned.