This is where your goals and objectives come to life. Capable of visualising solutions alongside evidential data, the design team transforms ideas and briefs into practical solutions.

Using state of the art design tools, we’re able to create your exact design specification quickly and easily before the cutting of steel for tooling.

With three Solidworks work stations, three Cimarron E 3D tool design stations, and the latest 3D ABS FDM Modeller from Laserlines, plus industry-leading software from Autodesk Mouldflow, we can provide you with a 3D model of the injection moulded part and simulate the complexity of injection moulded polymer melts.

These computerised methods ensure we can:

  • Predict how a product will react to real-word forces, vibration, heat, fluid-flow and other effects before production
  • Eliminate potential moulding problems prior to production
  • Consider alternative mould designs and different polymer formulations
  • Answer critical design questions before they get expensive
  • Evaluate more possibilities and use results we can trust to optimise designs

In this short video, our Technical Manager, Steve Pollitt, explains how P&R are able to .....

And you can review colour, test methods, material spec, packing spec, confidence of fill, mould flow, gate issues, warpage concerns and optimum tool design for the part. To learn more about P & R’s design service and production predication methods, explore our case studies or contact Dave Bowden on 0161 621 5000 today.