TRP – Tool Replacement Program

P&R now have spare capacity in our Clean Facility due to the success of the Value Engineering Analysis (VEA) and  the Tool Replacement Program, (TRP) efficiency programs.

For many years P&R have been running, in conjunction with certain customers and product lines, our market leading VEA and TRP efficiency programs. As new injection moulded parts and associated tooling are created, it’s generally designed for the product of its time and estimated volume. As the years pass this volume can increase significantly, whereby the tool could be struggling to cope with demand despite running 24/7. At Patterson & Rothwell we spend time analysing the data and the history of the plastic part and, if suitable, that product could fall into either our VEA or TRP programs.

Once in the program we work with the customer to identify optimum part performance and productivity. We may undertake an alternative part design based on its current purpose or choose a new material, which could be less dense, lighter but with enhanced mechanical properties from what was selected at the very beginning of the project’s life. We may also be able to replace the inner workings of the tool and reconfigure for today’s volume, which is a practice that has been commonplace here at Patterson & Rothwell for many years. A whole suite of ageing tooling can be replaced under our TRP’s saving customers many ££££ in the process. A number of TRP’s have been conducted in our Clean Facility and are now reaping the rewards for our customers. As a consequence an additional benefit the programs have freed up capacity on 3 of the 5 machines from (160t to 280t press size). This means we can now offer the marketplace this extra capacity in an outstanding ISO 9001 2015 and BRC accredited facility. Please contact us further information.

patterson and rothwell toolingPictured is an example of a product that P&R inherited in 2006. Originally a 4imp this part fell into our VEA and TRP programs because of its increasing volume and design opportunities. An alternative material gave a 15% reduction in part weight due to the material density. We streamlined the wall sections and cored out some finer detail and redesigned the tool to achieve a perfect fill and balance ratio. This decreased cycle times. The payback period was dictated by these factors and in this case it was 8 months. The customer had zero financial outlay just a commitment to the volume. After 8 months the customer enjoyed a reduction in part price and increased output and P&R were able to maintain its contribution and increase its capacity on the machine opening up the possibility of new relationships with new customers.

patterson and rothwell clean facility
Patterson & Rothwell are a Plastic Injection Moulding Company based in the North West of England, UK producing goods for many business sectors. Our ethos is to offer our customers a professional yet flexible approach and of course provide attention to detail at every stage. Please contact us if you wish to discuss any Plastic Injection Moulding Project.